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PLC Systems Designed by Superior Systems.

Design & Manufacture of  PLC Systems for Automation. Specialising In Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s).

HMI Panels, Supply, Programming & Configuration:-

Mitsubishi E1000E1000 – a new era in visualisation

The HMI display panels of the E1000 series set new standards for functionality, open systems and design. Their outstanding features include: state-of-the-art processor technology for maximum data security and handling really complex applications, high-resolution TFT displays with 65,536 colours, new ergonomic design, comprehensive communications support and extremely easy connectivity with a full range of interfaces and ports.

Key features include:

  • Simple ergonomic design, with Explorer type buttons for easier use
  • Tough Aluminium casing - stands up to the industrial work place
  • Bright TFT display with high resolution and 65,536 colours makes the E1000 display clear and easily read
  • New high performance Intel Xscale CPU with Windows CE.NET
  • USB host and device interfaces
  • Compact flash slot for file transfer and data storage

The E1000 series is currently available in five different versions.
There are three touch screen versions with 6.5”, 10.4” and 15” displays, and two key-operated versions with 6.5” and 10.4” displays.

Mitsubishi E1100It is important to start in the right place when creating the interface for communication between man and machine. We have found that people understand symbols better than blinking lights, they can read plain text more easily than cryptic codes and they work more safely when information is well organised instead of being chaotic. Based on this we use the 'E' series market leading HMIs.

We recommend all control systems have a HMI.
The small HMIs are very cheap and offer the user so much  more information thus reducing error & downtime.

Some of the E Series Functions:-
Mitsubishi E1070
* Alarm Processing
* Real Time Trending
* Time Channels
* Historical Trending
* Real Time Clock
* Recipe Handling
* Report Generation
* Password Protection

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